If you can recognize your startup in the following criteria don’t hesitate to apply for the incubator. We want entrepreneurs that are looking at market verticals: FinTech, RegTech, LegalTech, MediaTech, Insurtech, Lawtech, Autonomous Robotics, Industry 4.0, Healthcare Tech and Diagnostics Services, Energy & Mobility, and Internet of Money (Digital currency/blockchain).

Artificial intelligence
Digital currency/

Artificial intelligence and hardware (i.e. robotics) have advanced to the point of many practical applications.

Startups working on blockchain based solutions that can impact the following areas:

  • Commercial trade, Real estate

  • Supply chain & logistics, Manufacturing

  • Payments & Finance (trading, protocols, exchange platforms, etc.)

  • Legal & IP

  • Finance (trading, protocols, exchange platforms, etc.)

  • Energy, oil & gas

  • Healthcare & Insurance

At least one founder is eligible to relocate full-time to Incubator facilities in New York for the duration of the program.

The explosion of digital currencies like Bitcoin and the underlying technology, blockchain, have created a new virtual economy and opportunities for decentralizing many industries.

Technology focus

We are very interested in startups that have a focus on one or some of the following technologies: Artificial intelligence, KYC, Cryptocurrency, Advanced analytics, Machine readable news, Automated data collection & analysis, Blockchain of things, IoT.

Early stage startups with a working prototype to demo or POST-ICO businesses.

Startup is sufficiently funded for the duration of the program (3/6 months). 

You should have a female founder with disruptive and innovative ideas that better serve crypto-consumer. We invest in areas where women-led startups have incredible impact.

Women in Crypto
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